Suite 2020 by Musalliance

Musalliance Suite 2020 CD
A. Marcello – Adagio
J.S. Bach – Badinerie
A. Vivaldi – Andante
H. Villa-Lobos – Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No 5
N. Paganini – Sonata in E minor

Following our first album “Fantasy for Two,” we decided to make an album of classical music interpretations for domra and guitar, but we could not find enough time to do it until the quarantine of 2020. It turned out to be a very productive time for us, which allowed us to record the album that you are holding right now: “Suite 2020.” We named it after that frightening and memorable year, when so many of us lost people dear to us. Just like the Olympic Games that took place in 2021 but were still named 2020, we wanted to commemorate that unusual and meaningful year.

A suite is an ordered set of instrumental or orchestral pieces. It originated in the late 14th century as a means to pair different dances together. Since the criteria for pairing can be anything, this musical form is still in use and quite popular. This new CD is a creative collection of 8 suites that brings together old and new music, the past and the present. The album includes selections composed not only by the great classical masters of the past, but also by contemporary artists, such as V. Vavilov and A. Tsygankov, inspired by the baroque and romantic eras. Each suite is a unique, beautiful piece of artistic expression.  We hope that everyone will find their favorite suite in this new album.

Track list

J. Dowland – Welcome Home 

N. Paganini – Sonata in E minor 

A. Tsygankov – Caprice in the Romantic Style “Paganini” for domra solo

E. Baron – Suite for lute solo: Pavane, Courante, Menuet, Burre

Three Miniatures: H. Purcell – Rondeau, A. Vivaldi – Andante, L. Daquin – Le Coucou

A. Marcello – Adagio

V. Vavilov –  Ave Maria, Canzone, Dance

J.S. Bach – Ave Maria, Air, Menuet, Badinerie

H. Villa-Lobos – Aria from Bachianas Brasileiras No 5

The album is available to purchase in digital form (Google drive link to audio+artwork files) or CD.

You can order it here.

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