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“I have been very lucky. Music surrounded me my whole life. I started playing several instruments at an early age and received almost two decades of great professional classical and folk music education. After graduating from the renowned Russian Academy of Music, I became a concert performer, conductor, arranger, and teacher. I performed in the best concert halls in Russia and abroad. And it is Music that brought me to the United States.“

Peter Omelchenko

Studies have shown that, in addition to having emotional and aesthetic benefits, music contributes to better brain development and functioning. Music also helps relieve stress and bring people together.

My teaching method is based on a proven classical technique with emphasis on musical expression. Music is meant to be enjoyed, which is why my method of teaching incorporates playing a musical instrument with playing musical games. I also believe that the human voice is a perfect instrument that everyone already has; therefore, I incorporate singing into learning. Since each person is unique, every program is tailored to the individual’s needs and interests. I write custom music arrangements for each student taking into account their skill level. My students have a chance to develop as well-rounded musicians while playing the music they enjoy. Click here to see what we have already done.


Online private and group lessons for all ages, music theory basics, development of musical ear and rhythm, playing technique, improvisation, and making music arrangements



Learning to play classical, modern popular compositions, jazz



Mandolin, guitar, domra, balalaika, ukulele


Would you like to sing your favorite songs and play? I would be happy to help you to do that better.

Check my students’ gallery here.

Also you can find more materials about benefits of musical education and how to practice better

Price is negotiable. Please contact me for details.

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  1. pamela meredith

    Peter has come to my 5 year old grandson’s house every week for the past two years — as well as to other houses in our neighborhood — to teach piano lessons. He says he wants his students to love music as much as he does so he makes sure they have fun and that they play the music they like. Peter is also teaching my grandson to compose music and to sing along while he plays. The results are amazing! My grandson loves his lessons and is learning so much! Peter also has a pretty impressive background. He graduated from the renowned Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, has won many awards, and has had an illustrious career as a performer, conductor, and music arranger in Russia and abroad. He came to the US in 2017 under an extraordinary ability and skills visa and speaks excellent English. In addition to piano, he also teaches guitar and domra (Russian Mandolin), and offers online classes.

  2. Hello,

    My daughter’s non-profit organization, Mindful Music, is organizing an event for 200 band children at a local elementary school in McLean, VA to teach them non-traditional and more cultural instruments. We’re looking for instructors to provide just a 5-10 min demonstration of instruments that the children may not normally see, such as the mandolin, domra, balalaika, ukulele. Would you be available on Dec 12th at 11am to give a 5 min demo of one of these instruments to these kids, and then maybe talk for 5 min about your services and how music has inspired you life?

    Thank you so much! And looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Nancy Bao
    Mindful Music

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