With Anna Kusner on guitar and Peter Omelchenko on domra (Russian mandolin), Musalliance is an exciting new string duo offering virtuoso interpretations of classical, international, and folk favorites. Both natives of Russia and graduates of Moscow’s prestigious Gnessin Academy of Music, Anna and Peter formed Musalliance shortly after Peter’s immigration to the United States in 2017, where he is a featured soloist with the Washington Balalaika Society.

      In 1990, Anna moved to Israel to study classical guitar at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and subsequently pursued a flourishing concert career in Israel, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, and Egypt, while releasing more than a dozen CDs. Anna has also taught the classical guitar in both Russia and Israel, and is continuing her concertizing and teaching activities in the United States since coming here in 2015.

      After studying under Alexander Tsygankov at the Gnessin Academy, Peter was a featured domra player with Moscow’s Nekrasov Balalaika Orchestra and then advanced on to the world famous Osipov Balalaika Orchestra, where he performed as a soloist and became one of the Osipov’s principal arrangers. In Washington, Peter performs with the Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra, where he also serves as an assistant conductor, and plays with several chamber groups.

    Together, Anna and Peter bring to Musalliance the unique background of a rigorous Russian music education, extraordinary virtuosity, and a broad and eclectic repertoire drawn from both traditional and contemporary sources. While each is an extremely talented soloist in their own right, it is when they come together that their brilliance is magnified, and musical magic fills the air.
      To organize a concert, please, contact Anna Kusner +1 (240) 780-1692, 
or Peter Omelchenko +1 (703) 672-0076 , info@peter-omelchenko.com

Check recent Musalliance “Suite 2020” album here.

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